Classroom 911 Preschool Special Needs - Jennifer Chop

Classroom 911 Preschool Special Needs

By Jennifer Chop

  • Release Date: 2015-04-16
  • Genre: Education


A practical manual for the new teacher of preschool special needs.  

“Do you wish you knew…

What to do before the first day of teaching?
How to organize the day?
What to do during Circle Time?
How to integrate movement?
How to teach language skills through play?
How to provide calm environment?”

Excerpt From: Jennifer Chop. “Preschool Special Needs.” iBooks.

This manual will guide you in all the practical matters from setting up a classroom,scheduling activities, the first letter to parents, recording keeping, Circle Time Activities that keep the students engaged, maintaining a calm classroom, internet links to extremely helpful  resources.