Beyond Code - Paul Hudson

Beyond Code

By Paul Hudson

  • Release Date: 2016-06-14
  • Genre: Computers


Includes 75 videos inline with the text, so you can read, watch, or do both!

Being a great coder is more than just writing high-quality Swift, JavaScript, PHP, or Ruby as quickly as you can. That's an important skill – it really is! – but when you want to go from "part-time hacker" to serious software engineer, there are a ton of extra skills that will help you work smarter, deliver software faster, and take your career to the next level.

I've written Beyond Code to teach you all those skills. 

It's a complete book and video course that gives you a crash course in skills such as the Unix command line that powers macOS and Linux, regular expressions that help you find and replace complex text in seconds, Git source control to share work efficiently online, Scrum development to work in agile teams, and more!

What's in the course?

Master the Unix command line: it lies at the heart of modern systems like macOS and Linux, and has extraordinarily powerful tools that can save you hours of work. Beyond Code includes a comprehensive tutorial for beginners, as well as tips and tricks for advanced users.

Regular expressions: this powerful tool is used in everything from Sublime Text to Microsoft Word, and can help you perform complex search and replacement across thousands of files in just a few seconds. Beyond Code includes regex tutorials at multiple difficulty levels, so you can take your knowledge as far as you want.

Git source control: we all know Git, but many people struggle to love Git, and it's common to see developers who have learned only three or four Git commands and wonder why everything is a fight. Beyond Code walks you through Git usage from beginner to advanced, so you can finally use Git the way it was intended – and perhaps even grow to love it too.

Scrum development: agile approaches are the standard in most IT offices, but all too often "Scrum" becomes "Scrumbut" – "we do Scrum, but we don't do standups," or "we do Scrum, but we don't hold retrospectives." This doesn't work, and often causes more harm than good. Beyond Code teaches you Scrum from scratch, explaining each concept with practical examples so you can understand how it all fits together to deliver quality software. 

Working for a business: how can you find the right workplace for you? How can you hire great team members? How can you organize code reviews and hack days that people want to be part of? Which open source license should you work with? What's the best way to deliver a technical presentation? Beyond Code covers all this and more.

In short, Beyond Code is a book that you can benefit from regardless of what language or platform you use, and whether you've been coding for one month or one decade. Every technique is taught in the book, but you'll also be able to watch me demonstrate Unix commands, regular expressions, and Git in videos, so you can start benefiting immediately.