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  • Bread but no butter

    By Heironymous Bot
    The heart of the idea is there but does not deliver in a way that is either new or deeply insightful. I was expecting to gain either a more systemic understanding to the central issues of belonging, or what it means to belong in a boiling climate of divisiveness. Instead it read as simplistic, repetitious folk-wisdom that characterizes the self-help genre. I would love to see the ideas re-cast in a work of fiction, as neither the author’s academic research or ability to present something new served this format.
  • Worst book I’ve read this year so far.

    By Chip2008$
    At the beginning it was descent then it went downhill from there. Very disappointed, just another self help guru trying to sell as many books as possible.
  • Braving the wilderness

    By *****************M
    Fantastic book! Very relevant for what’s plaguing our society.
  • Not so great

    By 9944756
    This book is grossly overrated. The writers ego comes out much more than the message she’s trying to make. This book is very political and poorly represents an objective point of view. She tries to give off the impression that she’s attempting to be equal to both sides but her biases are obvious. The points she tries to make about strength and self growth are generic and weak. Honestly It’s not worth it.
  • Almost

    By 4488662
    The beginning kept me interested then it seemed to fall off into a redundant self help book. Perhaps life experiences of people the author has not seen or interviewed and those who have walked well beyond the lives she describes may find the advice modest and pedestrian. Many autonomic functions we simply have no control over let alone the role hormones manage and control our lives.
  • Much needed tools for our times!

    By kesmit3
    Excellent and grounded challenge for us all to look at the state of the world today and step up where we each can. The courage to be alone when belonging comes at price too high to pay for our humanity!!!
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    By ftrgrry
  • Braving the Wilderness

    By MKE Shrink
    The first few pages are transformative!