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  • Loved this book!

    By maxhummer
    A novel that is hard to put down. I read for hours!

    By Mo13137.
    AMAZING! Brought me through every emotion! I couldn’t put the book down! At moments I was smiling, laughing, crying, absolutely shocked, and thrilled! Maybe my favorite book!!!
  • Sad to Finish The Great Alone

    By zannie reed
    Captivating story for any reader, but for me, a special connection to the War in Viet Nam and the damage it wrought in the young men who fought and died and the ones who fought and survived.
  • The Great Alone

    By Makitsew
    Terrific story. Author creates believable characters & sets them in believable situations & challenges. Good read.
  • The Great Alone

    By sdeale
    Have read! As most of Kristin Hannah’s book, it’s hard to put down! Loved it!
  • This book will repeatedly take you apart & put you back together again ...

    By PelicanFreak
    Literally my life: “For as long as I can remember, books have been my safe place.” It’s hard to not like a book that has that to say, or a fictional young adult with that sort of wisdom. Love and fear. The most destructive forces on earth. Fear had turned her inside out, love had made her stupid.” That quote is definitely befitting of this story. There’s no way I could find the words to do this reading experience justice so I’ll just say it packs real feels … all of them. Those of family love, friendship, loyalty, romantic love, complete and utter heartbreak and repeated satisfaction. This is one of those reads where the characters can be so frustrating … but I found their end results extremely satisfying. Very well played and I love how complete this tale is, it did not leave me wanting more. Would love to see this made into a movie or mini-series. 5 stars. ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ Note: I listened to the audiobook; 5-star performance.
  • One of the best books I’ve read

    By Dunnygun
    I loved this book. I had a very clear picture of every character. This book made me love and fear the wildness of Alaska.
  • Beautiful story!

    By Kiki088
    An amazing story about strength, courage and love! One of my favorite books of all times!
  • Read better

    By tinbucktwo
    Certainly not as good as her latter works. Three quarters through it and I gave up on it.
  • Awesome!

    By TRDiiii
    Loved it! Felt like I was on my own adventure in Alaska!