BabyCalmâ„¢ - Sarah Ockwell-Smith


By Sarah Ockwell-Smith

  • Release Date: 2014-03-04
  • Genre: Parenting


Congratulations! You are about to become, or recently became, a new mom. But now what? You may feel overwhelmed by all the advice given to you by friends, family members, online sites, and the slew of contradicting information about calming a crying baby, getting on a feeding schedule, and training your infant to sleep through the night. BabyCalm™ (a company founded in 2007 in England by Sarah Ockwell-Smith and expanding to the United States this year) runs classes that aim to turn stressed-out parents and crying babies into happier parents and calmer babies. In BabyCalm™, Ockwell-Smith sets out to provide new mothers with the inspiring ethos and methods of her successful company.

BabyCalm™ aims to empower new parents to raise their baby with confidence. Focused primarily for new mothers (but with a plethora of sound advice for fathers as well), Ockwell-Smith provides a wealth of information—starting with trusting your maternal instincts above all else—on calming your crying baby, implementing sleep training techniques, facilitating a feeding schedule, bonding with your new infant, understanding your baby’s essential needs, and much more. Including parenting tips from around the world as well as ways in which to create confident children, BabyCalm™ is the only book you’ll need to set you on the solid path of good (and stress-free) parenting during your baby’s first year.