Dirty Work - Jeana E. Mann

Dirty Work

By Jeana E. Mann

  • Release Date: 2019-03-13
  • Genre: Erotic Romance


Cleaning a man’s home never felt so dirty.

At my sister’s wedding reception, I took the best man back to my hotel room. If you saw him, you’d understand why. Dimples for days and a body made for sin. He’s the hottest guy I’ve ever seen. And it’s only for one night, right? Wrong.

To make ends meet until I finish my degree in marriage counseling, I agreed to clean house for my neighbor’s grandson. I had no idea he was my one-night stand. To make matter’s worse, he’s the city’s leading divorce attorney. We have nothing in common, but we can’t keep our hands off each other.

When my sister files for divorce from her new husband, I’m determined to save her marriage, while my hot one-night stand is eager to split them apart. How can we ever meet in the middle?

If you like hot men and sizzling conflict with a side helping of humor, you’ll love this sexy romance novella.

(This novella was formerly published as part of the USA Today Bestselling Illicit Boxed Set Anthology.)