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  • My Fav EB series yet …paradise perfection

    By BluJett
    I love every single thing about this book except that it’s the last in this series….because I’m SO attached to these fabulous characters & the charm of these islands!
  • Not great

    By Cistonie
    This book could’ve been so much better. A lot of time was spent explaining the events of the first 2 books in the trilogy and it really didn’t add much depth to the outstanding issues. She added a few more characters but they didn’t add anything to the story line. The first two books were enjoyable. The third was unnecessary.
  • Fun and Light

    By Jesi
    Just a fun read, love this series. Takes you away from normal busied daily stress. I’ll read them again!
  • Not worth the read...

    By jessicaf1988
    Loved the first two books. This one I struggled to get through. It is all over the place with no real plot. Had to force myself to finish. Wouldn’t recommend.
  • These reviews didn’t lie.

    By Ze_German
    I don’t trust reviews very often because I like to make my own judgements. However, in this case I should’ve listened. I read the first two and liked them! Had to finish the trilogy but should’ve just read some cliff notes. I was boggled with all the parts of this particular book that felt irrelevant to the entire story and it was a long trudge to the finish line. In the end, happy I read the series. Wish the story would’ve just been a single book.
  • Loved it!

    By ljohn04
    Worth the wait!
  • Waste of time

    By Seriouselyrhisnameisnottaken
    I should have known not to purchase this book because I was so disappointed in the endings of the 1st two books. I was so hoping this one would be better but most of it was just rambling on about side characters. She did wrap up most of the storylines in 3-4 pages about 90% of the way into the book and then it was so hard to finish because it was like she started a whole new book. I had to make myself finish the book.
  • Troubles in paradise

    By gdknvc11245
    Bad. Bad. Bad.
  • Didn’t like at all

    By VLH171
    A big waste of reading time and book money.
  • So hard to finish...

    By milehighdutchy
    Predictable and corny, I had to force myself to finish it just to have it over with.