God, Me, or Karma - Tina Red

God, Me, or Karma

By Tina Red

  • Release Date: 2020-02-19
  • Genre: Poetry


He loves me. He loves me not …

Once a cheerful childhood chant turned to an agonizing adulthood reality. LOVE always seemed to escape Tina Red like flower petals in the wind.

Through a compilation of poetry, prose, and "Redisms" from a vulnerable voice, Tina embarks on a heart-wrenching journey of love, heartbreak, betrayal, and anger, ultimately finding herself again through self-love and forgiveness. It wasn't easy, and her personal costs were high, but the lessons are priceless. Vowing to always write the wrongs right, she reclaimed her heart, quieted her mind, and solemnly promised to never let anyone else suffer in silence under what they falsely believed was LOVE.

This isn't the poetry you were forced to read in school. It's unfiltered, raw, and all too relatable. Refusing to accept defeat, Tina Red put her hardships and heartache on paper and turned them into therapeutic art to save herself and hopefully you, too.