Getting Started With MacBook Air (2020 Model) - Scott La Counte

Getting Started With MacBook Air (2020 Model)

By Scott La Counte

  • Release Date: 2020-03-26
  • Genre: Operating Systems


MacBook Air was once the lightweight computer that sent shock-waves through the technology industry! A computer so thin that it could actually fit in an envelope! How was that even possible.

Over the years, MacBook Air has taken a backseat to the more powerful MacBook Pro. Yes, the Air was remarkably thin, but it just couldn’t keep up with what many users wanted to do. It was great for casual computing (like web browsing and email), but not for running large, more memory intensive, programs.

In 2020, this changed when Apple revealed the latest version of MacBook Air. It features all the things you’d expect from the MacBook Pro, but at a cheaper price. Things like: Retina display, a remarkably fast Core i7 processor, Magic Keyboard that helps you deliver quieter typing, Touch ID, Stereo speakers with better sound, and USB-C inputs.

If you are new to Mac, this book will help you out. It will cover:
•    What's the difference between all the different Macs and Mac-Books
•    How do you do all those Windows "things" on a Mac
•    Using the Magic Mouse and Force Touch
•    Using Siri
•    How to find things / how to organize things to make them easy to find
•    Using Sidecar
•    Using Time Machine
•    Parental Controls
•    Using Notes
•    Using iWorks
•    Downloading / Updating apps on the App Store
•    Organizing photos
•    Making phone calls and sending messages
•    Multitasking
•    And much, much more!