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  • Interesting Premise but Doesn’t Go Anywhere

    By gdub2019
    Too long and too many characters.
  • Fascinating Novel

    By xosaraduncan
    I read this for my neighborhood book club. Honestly, it’s not something I would have picked to read myself but I’m so glad it was thrust upon me lol. What a fascinating concept, that really makes you think about what you would do, how you would respond, and treat others. Stories like this always make me wonder how the author came up with their novel’s concept. What a special book!
  • R. T. Lund

    By Noir follower
    What started out original and fresh was strung out way too long and became boring and trite.
  • The Measure

    By donnayam
    The writing was excellent. Easy read. The book was thought provoking with private relevance. Loved the ending
  • The Measure

    By Booklove2
    The Measure is an incredible and thought provoking book! I couldn’t put it down and I’m sure it will stay with me forever!
  • A great page-turner

    By karencita21
    Smart and heart warming, a great antidote for our contemporary times… the story, and stories within, stir up curiosity, introspection, and optimism.
  • Intriguing plot

    By rmmgalv
    The first half of the book captured my attention, interesting plot, good character development, intrigue. The second half dragged a bit as the character’s stories came together. Good messages and sweet ending, I recommend this as a good read.