Beginnings - Sarah Ockwell-Smith


By Sarah Ockwell-Smith

  • Release Date: 2022-08-25
  • Genre: Parenting


Pre-order Sarah Ockwell-Smith's essential guide to child psychology and development.

BEGINNINGS is modern month-by-month reference guide for parents of 0-5-year-olds. It will answer all the questions that parents have about their baby, toddler and preschooler's physical and psychological development.

Topics Covered:
*How a baby grows and develops, month by month, during pregnancy
*Physical development, month by month, in the newborn period
*Brain development from birth to five years
*How sleep develops and changes throughout the first five years
*The development of self and personality
*Social development, attachment and peer relationships
*Temperaments and the development of emotion regulation
*The development of memory
*Current and classic theories in child psychology
*Learning to sit, crawl, cruise and walk.
*Language acquisition and early literacy skills
*Early mark making - learning to draw and form letters
*Schemas - how children learn about the world around them.
*Food preferences and eating experiences in early childhood
*Play - including suggestions for entertainment at each age
*How parents and carers can encourage optimal brain development