Phantoms - Dean Koontz


By Dean Koontz

  • Release Date: 1983-03-31
  • Genre: Horror
4 Score: 4 (From 279 Ratings)


Phantoms is gruesome and unrelenting…It’s well realized, intelligent, and humane.”—Stephen King

They found the town silent, apparently abandoned. Then they found the first body, strangely swollen and still warm. One hundred fifty were dead, 350 missing. But the terror had only begun in the tiny mountain town of Snowfield, California.

At first they thought it was the work of a maniac. Or terrorists. Or toxic contamination. Or a bizarre new disease.

But then they found the truth. And they saw it in the flesh. And it was worse than anything any of them had ever imagined...


  • Eh

    By Salty Marg
    The idea behind this story is interesting enough but the execution left a lot to be desired. The first third held promise as we followed Jenny and Lisa as they made many grisly discoveries in the seemingly abandoned town of Snowfield. Somewhere along the line as different characters were introduced, the story became clunky and unimaginative. The ending felt rushed and anti-climactic. The characters never quite came alive for me, either. They remained blandly two dimensional, which is unfortunate given how many of them die. Their deaths rang hollow and were met with a shrug. Worst of all was the villain: the ancient enemy. As in, literally, that’s what they called it. “How do we kill the ancient enemy?” “Watch out for the ancient enemy!” “Did you see the ancient enemy?” Come on! If you’re going to go there, at least make the ancient enemy interesting. But no such luck. It’s a slimy, shape-shifting entity that can communicate through computers and isn’t especially clever, either. It’s trying to taunt and then there are some biblical references and then there are these two really bad dudes to whom it gives instructions. It felt like Koontz did the bare minimum of research into the scientific principles that ended up being key to the later events in the book. His prose in those portions were even more awkward and stilted than in the rest of the book. I never really bought that defeating the ancient enemy would have gone down as easily as it did. It was kinda lame. I gave it two stars because I finished it but I’m not sure I want to read another Koonz book.
  • Amazing

    By WalrusesGalore
    A really amazing novel. I recommend the smartest students read these books
  • Phantoms

    By frodoman76
    Affleck was the Bomb in Phantoms, yo
  • Phantoms

    By Am book reader
    Dean Koontz never fails to ramp up the spooky chill factor. This is another great book from him that I reread decades after publication . For more great reads check out his “Frankenstein “ series. Truly creepy!
  • My favorite book of all time

    By ChronicVixen
    I have read it at least three times. Always a great read.
  • Phantoms

    By Larry in Mo.
    If you enjoy being "scared crapless," read this book. WHAT A READ!
  • One of his best

    By MikePassmore
    Highly recommended read!!!
  • Okay

    By that guy->
    I found the first half of the book great. It was full of suspense and very scary. After I found out what was the cause of the horror though I was slightly disappointed. I felt it was a little cheesy and after that my opinion of the book dwindled. That book itself was well written and I love Dean Koontz, but I did not think was his best ideas. I still give it a four star rating because I don't regret reading it and still felt it had a lot of good qualities. Still a hard book to put did like all of Dean's books.
  • Fantastic Read

    By fr0stbyt
    My absolute favorite Dean Koontz book of all. A perfect mix of mystery, suspense, thriller and horror. This book was the hardest book to put down of any book I have ever read.
  • Great Book....

    By Leo19Araiza
    One of my favorite books ever. I really recommend this book. Great read! :)