Copp In Shock, A Joe Copp Thriller - Don Pendleton

Copp In Shock, A Joe Copp Thriller

By Don Pendleton

  • Release Date: 2010-11-28
  • Genre: Hard-Boiled Mysteries


The Joe Copp Series by Don Pendleton

In Don Pendleton's Copp In Shock, Private Eye Joe Copp is recovering from a bout of partial amnesia after being nearly blown away with his own gun. A woman is dead and police are trying to pin the murder on Copp Pursued by cops and an unknown assailant, Copp's search for answers leads him from Los Angeles to the Mammoth Lakes mountain resort, and to the edge of insanity as he careens toward lethal truth.

Publishers Weekly: “This Joe Copp adventure reads like an express train. A throwback to the vintage Spillane era, Pendleton knows how to keep us turning the pages.”
St. Petersburg Times: “Pendleton has a great new character in Copp. His style is fresh, the pace is brisk, and there are enough twists to please any mystery fan.”

Don Pendleton created the best-selling Executioner, Mack Bolan Series; Joe Copp Private Eye Series; and the Ashton Ford Psychic Detective Series. He published more than one hundred books, fiction and nonfiction.