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  • Do you still use a wooden Driver?

    By HornsUp
    I read this book in the late 80's and it did nothing for me. It was probably one of the first attempts at publishing golf related sports psychology but the author was a hack who wasn't breaking 80 if I remember correctly and he wasn't working with any pros or anything like that. I think he might have worked with some good tennis players but even then, different sport. If you have the money to waste buy the book and read all about the "bouce, hit". You think "bounce" on the backswing and "hit" on the downswing. Woo woo, innovating! Keep in mind that some tour pros were still playing with wooded drivers when this came out. I would suggest Golf is Not a Game of Perfect by Dr. Bob Rotella, that was and remains the best book I've ever read on golf - period! I had the tools to become a single digit handicap player when I read that book and it's teachings went well beyond "bounce, hit". Rotella works with tour pros and his insight is exceptional. Learning how to practice properly, stay in the present, focus on a target and execute a pre-shot routine made a huge differnce in my game. I'm a 5 hadicap today and the Rotella book allowed me to get the most out of my limited talents. "The Inner Game of Golf" is like first grade compared to the college level course of "Golf is Not a Game of Perfect". There are other great books on golf psychology as well that are also far more golf specific than this "bouce, hit" effort.