Fantastic Voyage - Isaac Asimov

Fantastic Voyage

By Isaac Asimov

  • Release Date: 1984-08-01
  • Genre: Adventure Sci-Fi
4 Score: 4 (From 43 Ratings)


A fabulous adventure into the last frontier of man!

Attention! This is the last message you will receive until your mission is completed. You have sixty minutes once miniaturization is complete. You must be out of Benes’ body before then. If not, you will return to normal size and kill Benes regardless of the success of the surgery.

Four men and one woman reduced to a microscopic fraction of their original size, boarding a miniaturized atomic sub and being injected into a dying man's carotid artery. Passing through the heart, entering the inner ear where even the slightest sound would destroy them, battling relentlessly into the cranium.

Their objective . . . to reach a blood clot and destroy it with the piercing rays of a laser.

At stake . . . the fate of the entire world.


  • Memory Lane via Microship

    By coreworksnet
    Great book; read first in high school -- for science class -- and then saw the film. Haven't read again in years and will do so shortly -- now all we need is Michael Crichton's ANDROMEDA STRAIN in the iBookstore for a good double feature.
  • Great old school Sci-Fi

    By ChorizoEnLaCasa
    I've read this book over and over too many times to count. The human body is the last frontier. Read it, then read it again.
  • Fantastic Voyage is awesome!!!!!!!!

    By Stick Dog ROCKS!
    Fantastic Voyage is a wonderful book for kids and adults.I'm nine years old and I read it a few months ago and loved it. Well developed plot and characters. This book could be scary for kids under seven. LOVE it!