World of Warcraft: Jaina Proudmoore: Tides of War - Christie Golden

World of Warcraft: Jaina Proudmoore: Tides of War

By Christie Golden

  • Release Date: 2012-08-28
  • Genre: Epic
4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 250 Ratings)


“Nothing is free, Go’el,” Jaina Proudmoore said. “Your knowledge and skills were bought at a cost. The . . . orc you left behind in your place had done much harm in your absence. If I have heard about what is going on in Orgrimmar and Ashenvale, surely you must have!”

Go’el’s mien, which had been deeply peaceful, now looked troubled. “I have heard, of course.”

“And . . . you do nothing?”

“I have another path,” he said. “You have seen the results of that path. A threat that—”

“Go’el, I hear this, but now that task is over. Garrosh is stirring up trouble between the Alliance and the Horde—trouble that didn’t exist until he started it. I can understand if you don’t wish to undermine him publicly, but—perhaps you and I can work together. Form a summit of sorts. Ask Baine to join us; I know he has no love for what Garrosh is striving for. I could speak with Varian. As of late, he seems to be more reachable. Everyone respects you, even in the Alliance, Go’el. You have earned that respect because of your actions. Garrosh has earned nothing but mistrust and hatred because of his.”

She indicated her cloak, which had blown about with the wind he had sent to bear her to shore. “You can control the winds as a shaman. But the winds of war are blowing, and if we do not stop Garrosh now, many innocents will pay the price for our hesitation.”


The ashes of the Cataclysm have settled across Azeroth’s disparate kingdoms. As the broken world recovers from the disaster, the renowned sorceress Lady Jaina Proudmoore continues her long struggle to mend relations between the Horde and the Alliance. Yet of late, escalating tensions have pushed the two factions closer to open war, threatening to destroy what little stability remains in the . . .

Dark news arrives in Jaina’s beloved city, Theramore. One of the blue dragonflight’s most powerful artifacts—the Focusing Iris—has been stolen. To unravel the item’s mysterious whereabouts, Jaina works with the former blue Dragon Aspect Kalecgos. The two brilliant heroes forge an unlikely bond during their investigation, but another disastrous turn of events looms on the horizon. . . .

Garrosh Hellscream is mustering the Horde’s armies for an all-out invasion of Theramore. Despite mounting dissent within his faction, the brazen warchief aims to usher in a new era of Horde domination. His thirst for conquest leads him to take brutal measures against anyone who dares question his leadership.

Alliance forces converge on Theramore to repel the Horde onslaught, but the brave defenders are unprepared for the true scope of Garrosh’s cunning and deceptive strategy. His attack will irrevocably transform Jaina, engulfing the ardent peacekeeper in the chaotic and all-consuming . . . TIDES OF WAR


  • Great

    By 3cutechicks
    From what I read so far I really like it
  • amazing

    By erodclark
    I say this because I play Wow: this book is great, I've always loved the Lore of WoW, and she writes Proudmoore's back story very well. It actually made me renew my subscription, because I missed the lore of Warcraft. Thanks for the amazing book, I can't wait for another one.
  • Siiigh...

    By Brook!
    Well, I loved the preview but the Orc part I hated... It was very boring so far, overall I somewhat liked it. :)
  • Fantastic!

    By Deejay BG
    As a long-time player and first time reader of a World of Warcraft related novel I found the book to be a wonderful blending of strong character lore and in-game content. Very well done.
  • Amazing story!

    By bclements07
    All I can say is amazing. She has done it again in a way that Knaac cannot. She brings you into the story, and you feel the emotion of the characters. I recommend reading this before MOP's release to get the whole story.
  • Resignation

    By iSichas
    Please accept this as my resignation from the Horde, for I no longer wish to serve under Garrosh Hellscream. This story is amazing and I am so happy to have finished it in time for Pandaria.
  • Great

    By Athorith
    Despite quitting the game I continue to read these amazing books, these novels are great and this has been on of the best! Highly recommended!
  • Amazing

    By Dan'o'Mac
    Golden does it again. Amazing read, both times :-)
  • Sucked in!

    By Bigbadivan
    This book, by far, has what it takes to rekindle your love for World of Warcracft! I put the book down twice only because i needed sleep! This is a must read for any Warcraft enthusiast and naysayers alike!!
  • 1st wow book

    By Slunkodor
    This book was an absolute thrill ride my only complaint was the large amount of typos in this version.