King's Man and Thief - Christie Golden

King's Man and Thief

By Christie Golden

  • Release Date: 2011-12-11
  • Genre: Epic


Lord Deveren Larath joined the thieves of Braedon thinking to expose a killer. Seven years later, he is now their leader, known among them as "Fox." No sooner have the elections been held than Deveren's brother, Damir, ambassador and master spy, comes to Braedon with dire news. The young kind of the neighboring country has been imprisoned by his own counselor, and Damir fears war with Byrn is in the wind. While Damir embarks on a desperate attempt to rescue the young king, "Fox" must deal with troubles closer to home--attempted murder, treachery, and most frightening of all, a dreadful curse that could claim Braedon and perhaps all of Byrn. Only the gods--and maybe the reluctant thief leader Fox--can stop it....