60+ iPad Mini Quick-Start Tips and Tricks - Scott La Counte

60+ iPad Mini Quick-Start Tips and Tricks

By Scott La Counte

  • Release Date: 2012-11-02
  • Genre: Computers


My parents are official iPad users. I began writing this book when I realized that they could check Facebook, but didn’t have the faintest idea how to make the text size bigger on Safari  and a number of other things that I thought were common sense after using the phone for a day. I decided to make a list for them, and this book is a result of that.
If you have been using Apple products for several years, then this book will probably have a few tricks that you didn’t know—especially if you are upgrading to the new OS (iOS 6). The book, however, is geared towards those getting started.
This book is meant to be a quick start reference. It’s not a tutorial on how to use your iPad Mini. If you are looking for something that is more hands on and teaches you how to use the iPad Mini, try the one that came with your iPad Mini (Hint: Open Safari, go to Bookmarks and tap the link to the User Guide). Additionally, if you’d like to just see what significant things have been added to iOS 6 then jump to the last section which is just for your reference and does not count towards the 50+ tips in this short guide.
Note: The iPad Mini contains the same features you see on other iPad’s, so these tips apply across all devices running iOS 6 (aside from Siri, which the iPad 2 is not currently supporting)—most also will work with older iPad’s and the iPhone.