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  • Too BIG and draped in GREED

    By Rusty Tuffputts
    Not Norton, but golf as an industry in and of itself. They’ve lost me as a fan and this book explains why and how it all happened. For the first time in a very long time I’m not even going to watch the Master’s this year. I have something else scheduled for me to actually do (not watch). I still love the game, though, and will play it from time to time but it will probably be alone on an unheralded course in the evening, as the sun sets and the shadows are long. I sincerely believe in life and definitely golf, what goes around comes around and you get what you deserve. They just have a way of working out like that. Good luck and always remember to enjoy yourself.
  • Great read

    By ccmtacks19
    Great read; very insightful and informative about sports agents and the business of golf
  • Decent book.

    By Bigbadwolf1999
    I never knew much about sports agents but the author does a good job of telling the history of IMG and its origins. I lost interest when he began talking about all the money he’s made for players that, to anyone younger than 35 Or not golf enthusiasts, know little about. But his claim to fame is landing Tiger. Which he dives into the last 2 hours of the audiobook. It gets kinda boring hearing him brag about the millions he made Tiger, as if nobody else could’ve landed his multimillion dollar endorsements. Then, gets mad when Tiger fired him after a scathing article surfaced about author in a golf magazine. Basically, an expose about his manipulative tactics, bridges burned, etc. Kinda hard to sympathize with a guy whose job made him millions to do little more than ask companies to sponsor his athletes.
  • Excellent!

    Very well written. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this one.
  • Must read for golf fans

    By jc33
    Truly compelling. Read in one sitting. A history lesson and personal lesson.
  • Great book

    By wk7976777
    Great book and insights into the img global powerhouse and great golfers!