Breakthrough Marksmanship - Ben Stoeger

Breakthrough Marksmanship

By Ben Stoeger

  • Release Date: 2024-01-09
  • Genre: Sports & Outdoors


Ben Stoeger has been teaching Practical Shooting for more than a decade. He has watched thousands of students fire millions of rounds over the years which taught him quite a lot about shooting, including how individuals process and obtain an understanding of shooting. Students repeatedly shoot the same patterns over and over again, and the same drills highlight the same mistakes. Over time, it has become easy for Stoeger to spot these patterns. The difficulty is in making the student see and understand what he saw. This understanding leads to an improvement in shooting. Over time, the drills in this book have been created and modified to highlight the patterns that Stoeger was seeing, and give an in depth guide to students that will allow them to understand what they are doing wrong and comprehend how to fix it. Breakthrough Marksmanship contains a simple set of ideas, techniques, and drills; distilled down to an uncomplicated form. By developing your understanding of the concepts contained in this book, you can achieve your own breakthrough.