Game Theory: A Simple Introduction - K.H. Erickson

Game Theory: A Simple Introduction

By K.H. Erickson

  • Release Date: 2013-09-15
  • Genre: Mathematics
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Game Theory: A Simple Introduction offers an accessible and enjoyable guide to the basic principles and extensive applications of game theory.

Understand a game matrix, the prisoners’ dilemma, dominant and mixed strategies, zero-sum games, Pareto efficiency, the Nash equilibrium, and the power of asymmetric information.

Calculate payoffs and outcomes in games involving characters such as Jack and Jill, or friend and stranger. Look at the effects of altruism and hatred on games, and see how games can change over time.

Explore examples looking at gang members, free riders, global governance, a long-term relationship, competing corporations, advertisers and their customers, along with familiar hawk-dove and chicken games.

See game players use every trick in the book to get what they want, with over 50 images to guide through the steps they use to play the game.