Warhammer: Wood Elves (Interactive Edition) - Games Workshop

Warhammer: Wood Elves (Interactive Edition)

By Games Workshop

  • Release Date: 2014-05-03
  • Genre: Crafts & Hobbies


For millennia, the Wood Elves have dwelt beneath the leaves of Athel Loren, defending their greenwood home from the perils of the world. When the King in the Woods sounds his horn, longbows are strung and spears are sharpened as the hosts of Athel Loren assemble beneath ancestral banners. In the depths of the forests, enchantresses sing songs of awakening, rousing the ancient spirits of the waking wood, and begging for their aid in the battle to come. Let those who would despoil the forest beware: the Wood Elves march to war! 
Warhammer: Wood Elves is your complete guide to the forces of Athel Loren. This interactive, digital Army Book contains the rich and detailed background of the Wood Elves: a bestiary describing every unit, monster and hero in the army; an army list to arrange your collection of Citadel miniatures into a battle-ready force and a showcase of expertly painted Wood Elves Citadel miniatures.

This Digital Edition includes an interactive miniatures gallery, handy quick-links for special rules and weapons, and is automatically updated with the latest rules amendments.

The World That Was is no more, but the battle continues… Warhammer Wood Elves is designed for use with Warhammer The Game of Fantasy Battles. That game system is no longer supported, but this title remains available for those who want to recreate the epic battles of the lost world. To continue the war against Chaos in the Mortal Realms, check out Warhammer Age of Sigmar.