A Cowboy All Her Own - Dort Wesley

A Cowboy All Her Own

By Dort Wesley

  • Release Date: 2014-05-01
  • Genre: Western


Two Stories in One Volume

Heather Lang
Heather Lang wanted justice. Her father was murdered, and the Sheriff wasn’t doing one thing about finding his killer. Each time a stranger approached the house, she feared they were coming to hurt her younger siblings. When Gabe Matthews arrived, Heather put a gun on him and ordered him off the ranch even though the man claimed he was asked to come by her father. Gabe didn’t like the way Heather was behaving, and he decided she needed a good spanking. Of course, he forgot one basic rule of a lawman... he didn’t keep an eye on all of the kids, and while he was giving Heather the paddling she richly deserved, the youngest sneaked up behind him with a frying pan and knocked him out cold. Heather finally realized that she needed help from Gabe to find her father’s killer. Gabe agreed to help her, and he also made sure she knew that he would paddle her bottom if she didn’t learn to control her temper.

Picking Up Stones
Gideon thinks that Faith Weston is the prettiest woman he’s ever seen, and he is thrilled when she offers him a job helping her pick up stones for a garden she wishes to plant. Her father is a minister, who is building a new church in Oak Creek, and he asks Gideon to stay on because he doesn’t like for his daughter to be alone on the small ranch while he is in town building the church. It isn’t until late that night that Gideon realizes Reverend Weston and lovely Faith are in danger. The Preacher asks Gideon to keep his daughter home and safe, but Gideon soon learns that redheaded Faith has a nasty temper, and she informs him she isn’t about to do as he says. Gideon is tired of threatening to spank her backside and he decides that a good sample of a real spanking is just what the sassy, stubborn young woman needs to mend her ways.