Butterflies and Moths of Glacier National Park - Bob Chinn

Butterflies and Moths of Glacier National Park

By Bob Chinn

  • Release Date: 2014-06-09
  • Genre: Nature


The sheer magnitude of Glacier National Park's magnificent landscapes command the attention of every visitor, however the real eye candy is in the details. Exploring the world of butterflies and moths opens the mind to see the tremendous diversity that nature bestows upon the million plus acres that comprise this magnificent place. This first edition includes descriptions of 157 Lepidoptera species active in Glacier National Park, including 102 true butterflies, 19 skippers and 36 moths. Images of 134 mounted specimens (showing both dorsal and ventral views) are supplemented with over 100 live action photographs of insects at work in the Park. Based upon historic documents and pinned specimens from the Glacier National Park museum collection, this guide will assist those who wish to explore Glacier's biodiversity at a more intimate level.