Gore Erotica - Coral

Gore Erotica

By Coral

  • Release Date: 2014-01-30
  • Genre: Horror


A ghost short story about a woman who discovers a shocking truth. Mary has liked horror and gruesome art since before she was six. Now, she has the chance to photograph a real life murder house. However, the mystery was never solved, and the newspapers seem to be hiding more than just the gory details. Like venturing into the wilderness, in this house what you don't know can kill you. A short story of a young woman who is traveling through different dimensions. This is the short story of a young woman named Seren who ventures through different dimensions to discover lost friends, and a forgotten past. It is a journey based on psychological discovery through the guise of dark humor, and mystical realms. An occult set short story based on the realities of sexual college relationships This is a terrifying yet erotic short story about the disturbing realities of sexual college relationships based in an occult setting. A young woman develops through self sacrifice in an unforgiving, and dishonest apocalyptic world. A young man fights an infectious nature that has festered its way inside him.