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  • Loved this Book

    By Mojo back
    I am not normally a fan of YA stories, mostly because my kids are in that age range, but I loved this story. I had to know how life turned out for Tiff and Riley. Meeting during a tragic emotional event in high school these kids are all grown up. Tiff is back in Seattle and Riley is living his dream playing college football. He’s never gotten over her, she can’t get beyond her nightmares, will they be able to coexist on the same campus? This was so well written and the story was so pure. I loved getting another glimpse of Coop and Izzy and the family they have created. This was an awesome installment to this series. It’s a must read and I highly recommend it! **I received an ARC of this book for an honest review
  • Awesome Read!!

    By Lnn20122
    What an awesome read. Tiff and Riley's story was heart wrenching at times. These were two young people were hiding into plain site from the world. On the surface they were somewhat happy and well adjusted after surviving the tragedy in their past. But in reality they struggled with it daily. It was only through their friendship and love that they were able to come out from behind their masks and truly be themselves. I loved seeing the shift in their relationship. In the beginning Riley was the strong self-assured one. Through the confidence he had gained by being raised by his Uncle Coop and Aunt Izzy as well as his blossoming college football career, he was able to slowly bring Tiff out of her self-imposed prison. And when it counted, Tiff became his strength. Helping him through a difficult time. I loved seeing these two grow as individuals and as a couple. It gave me that feel-good feeling after the last page was turned.
  • Powerful story!

    By Lynn B888
    Great friends, secret crushes and then it all exploded in their faces in a second, leaving them reeling. Two college students with a shared past have to confront the turmoil that's always fresh in their minds in order to heal and see if they are capable of being around each other again. Great characters and a heart wrenching plot. Hoping to see more in this series! Tyee University football player Riley Black has loved Tiff for years, but no matter how much he tried to be supportive of her and her needs, she never felt the same way. After she walked away, he spent a long time waiting for her to realize what they could have and come back ... but he finally gave up and moved on with enjoying his college life and the perks of being a star athlete. Now with the turn of his head, his life has turned upside down ... she's back! Tiffani Vernon has avoided this town and the memories it holds for as long as possible. Now because of financial issues, she is transferring to the same college where Riley goes. She is hoping to avoid him, but just her luck, she agrees to go to a party and there he is. He doesn't know that she's secretly been in love with him for years too ... but just seeing his face brings too many visions slamming back into her head of the horror they went through together. Is there any way she can find the strength to try to heal with him instead of apart from him?
  • Touchdown!

    By krazekat13
    Can two people who share a tragic past move forward together and fall in love? This is another spin off from Ms. Davenport's Game on in Seattle series. It features Riley Black from (Crashing the Net) and Tiffani (Melting the Ice). I was very excited to see Riley's story since reading about him in CTN and this did not disappoint. Once I started reading it I could not put it down. It's wonderful to see both Riley and Tiffani bond and together face demons from their pasts. I look forward to see how they are doing in hopefully the other books in the Men of Tyee series - I'm really looking forward to reading about Gage and Alisa!
  • Sacked by a book

    By mjb69
    Riley Black had problems growing up, with a mother abandoning him, a tragedy occurring while in high school and the he girl he loved running away. But he moved on, did some growing up and was now one of the stars of the local college football. So enjoying the perfect life…that was until one night when a ghost from his past appeared. While at a college party imagine his surprise when Riley saw Tiff there and realized that he had never stopped loving her. Now he just had to convince Tiff that it was not just a high school crush, but true love. Would he have the patience and understanding? Tiffani Vernon had struggles in her teenage years, ones that you would not wish on your worst enemy. They all hit her so hard that she believed if she ran away from Seattle, then everything would stay there and she could move on. But nothing was as far from the truth, especially when she was forced to come back for financial reasons and finish her final college year at the same one as Riley. A boy she had not just secretly crushed on but loved and hidden it all away when the tragedy occurred. When he saw her, she ran again but Riley was persistent and would not let her run away from him again. There was just one more problem at hand…. Riley and Tiff neither of them realized that in order to truly move on in their future, heal properly, and have this relationship a success is that EVERYTHING that had happened in their past had to be out in the open. No more secrets for anyone…. This is a unique book as not only is it a stand alone but it is a continuation of one series while starting up of another. In true Jami Davenport’s fashion it is an attention grabbing, full impact book that you do not want to put down until you are done with it. The characters, the location, the story, all come together perfectly. Definitely one you want to add to your collection.