If She's Wicked - Amelia Hutchins

If She's Wicked

By Amelia Hutchins

  • Release Date: 2019-06-11
  • Genre: Fantasy
4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 221 Ratings)


She’s a war I cannot win. She’s our salvation.
Erie is the one creature that can save my race from dying out. The thing is, we broke her, but we broke the wrong parts. Now, the only thing that girl craves is revenge and a need to destroy with a rage that burns hotter than the fires of Hell. I’ve loved her longer than she has been alive. She’s in my veins, and this is one war I cannot afford to lose against her.

He’s a battle I’m willing to fight.
They say nothing worthwhile comes easy, that if you want something bad enough, you have to fight to get it. They’re idiots. They say love is a battlefield, and they were right about that, but this isn’t a battle of wills. It’s a battle to the death.
He thinks I can be saved. I don’t want to be saved; I want to destroy everything and everyone that ever hurt me. I want the world to feel my pain, to taste my rage. I’m not their savior; I’m their damnation. I don’t want to be saved by him or his kind. I’m the War they won’t see coming until I’m on top of them, waging it against them.
I am Erie, and I’m going to set the world on fire and walk through the ashes of those who have wronged me.
Warning: Erie isn’t a hero; she’s the antihero in this story.
This isn’t a love story. It’s a dark and twisted battle of wills and bare bones. They’re going to war against one another, and it will be brutal, chaotic, and beautiful. So if you’re not into dark retellings of twisted love stories, this isn’t for you. Thank you for looking, but I’m an unapologetic author of alpha-holes and the women who fight back against them. I don’t believe in insta-love. I believe in putting them through hell and making them earn it first.


  • Enthralling

    By ayoung06
    This is her best book since the Sleeping With Monsters series. Amelia Hutchins is such an excellent writer. Her writing style is amazing and the way she describes the worlds she creates is phenomenal. It does have a lot of sex like all her other books, and yeah, it does tend to be too much sometimes, butttt the storylines make it work. I really don’t understand why her books don’t have more recognition. I’d recommend not buying Oh, Holy Knight since this book has been released. That is basically just a preview into this book without a lot of the details this one has.
  • Brilliant explanations! Best. Story. Ever.

    By kpperry429
    Wow, this story explained so much with the Fae Chronicles and the Monster series so thanks Amelia! Erie is not really Erie, Callaghan is explained in a way you can almost put the pieces together but then the story twists. Erie may be the beginning and the end of all stories and I can’t wait for the last of all the books. I hope Zharuk gets a mate!
  • Loved it!!

    By AlaskanIceMom
    I waited anxiously for this book and was not disappointed! Love this author!
  • If She’s Wicked

    By Songsiren2
    Oh my gosh; Amelia Hutchins has done it again. Like always she warns you that her stories aren’t soft and gooey. That’s okay. I love a strong female like Erie. She’s broken but she rises to save those that are hers. Another great book! Can’t wait to read more of Amelia’s world!!!!
  • Amazing!!!

    By KimMaess11
    Another great book from Amelia Hutchins! This is phenomenal! I love the turn of events it makes you think you get the hang of it and then all of a sudden BOOM!! did not expect that at all! It kept me awake and busy the whole day trying to figure things out, there’s just a lot of twist in this book that makes you question a lot on what’s going to happen. This is such a great read and I can’t wait for the next one!❤️
  • If She’s Wicked

    By SirensMemoru
    I’ve never felt more connected to a character than I did with Erie. I love Amelia Hutchins. Her writing style. Her characters. Everything. The emotional roller coaster ride; I feel all of it. I love this book. I love all the books.
  • If she’s wicked

    By rcol9me
    Not how I wanted it to go it was more sex than it should of been to get to the point of the story to be honest I scrolled past most of it it got boring .
  • She does it again!

    By Kerodak
    Amelia never disappoints! Erie is fun, unhinged and deep! This book is part of the fae chronicles and becoming his monster world and it’s so much fun to see the other characters show up throughout the book! I recommend Amelia to everyone I know because the characters she creates are the best!